Decision making is a vital part of any business and as business owners, it is necessary that you make informed and good business decisions. You’ve probably heard of the term CRM but still not sure how it can impact your business’ decision making process. To help you familiarise with what a CRM is and what it can do to help your business, we have written this guide.

What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a program or software that helps with the management of relationships with customers. The CRM organises all customer’s information in a database where everyone responsible for running the daily processes of your business operation has access to. By using this software, you don’t only keep things organised, but you also make business operations and decisions efficient.

What does a CRM do?

CRMs help with brand awareness, marketing, finding leads, managing sales and purchases, as well as offering service and support. If it is within the customer-business relationship cycle, then the CRM will have a function ready for it. It is best used if you are into building a long-term relationship with your customers.

By using CRM, you get a record of the interactions your company and the customer have. You get not only contact details and past transactions, but also social media activity. This provides you with a ‘story’ of your relationship and through this, you will know how to make them return and purchase from your business.

Most users of the CRM software are those businesses that need to put customer relations as their top priority. However, CRM’s are not just for businesses that are sales centric, it is also useful for your marketing and customer services initiative. Anything that involves relationship management is something that CRM can do.

The use of CRM in your business has many advantages. By having a complete understanding of your customers, you can build a positive connection with them, this is important if you want a successful business relationship.

Do I need a CRM?

If you are in doubt whether you need a CRM or not, think about the need for an organised customer database. Have you ever tried looking for specific customer information but because of poor management of data it cannot be found. Every business, no matter how big or small requires a customer database to help them in their operations. Having a CRM software installed will help make management of your business much easier.

Incorporating a CRM to your business might seem like a huge project to undertake. However, this is not the case as there are a lot of CRMs available for different businesses and their needs. Additionally, there are CRM experts that are ready to help you. Having a CRM software or system in place requires an expert to aid with your organisation.

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