Whether you’re looking for a job in IT in the southwest region or beyond, our top tips will inspire you to find your perfect job in the world of technology as a Software Developer.

These days’ tech companies are looking for more than just Java-fluent grads, they require real members of important teams needed to grow their business. So, if you’re interested in getting into the sector responsible for contributing nearly £100 billion to our economy each year – then here are some of the best recruitment options for you.

Step 1: “Unpuff” your Resume

Hiring Managers can spot a puffed resume right away. Puffing your resume can do more harm than good. A puffed resume is a sign that you are masking your lack of experience in the job that you want — software developer. The best solution to this is, sort the skills according to relevance and remove all the skills that are not valuable to the position.

Step 2: Practice Until You Can Code on the Spot

If you want to be a software developer, you have to know that you will be making and working with codes every single day. You need to prove to your employers that you can do it. Practice. Practice until you can do codes easily so that when asked to do that during your interview you can do it well.

Step 3: Study Up

Aside from being good with codes, you need to know how to verbally express them. You need to study up on the basic concepts and ideas as well as terminologies that a software developer uses. Read books, watch videos or take up some crash courses.

Step 4: Organize Your Portfolio

Software developers are, most of the time, asked to present a portfolio. A collection of works or projects that they did. It would help the employers know your expertise and what better way can this be shown than by showing them the project/s you did?

Step 5: Improve Your People Skills

It is a stereotype that those good with computers or technology are socially inept. If you are, then you need to improve on that. It doesn’t mean that you have to actively socialize every single time but you have to learn to respect other people and work in a team.

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