As well as working in our IT specialist areas, we strongly believe that the best business is done through building long term relationships based on co-operation and trust. A large part of what we do is choosing who we work with and understanding exactly what it is about your business that makes you unique and a good career choice for our candidates. We regularly organise social events and lunch meetings to get to know our customers better.

Our network

Our network primarily comes from 12 years in placing numerous IT candidates onto some of the biggest IT programmes globally. Further to this we run candidate referral schemes and advertise online for new candidates.

Our candidate qualification process

Before submitting a candidate to a role we will have telephone interviewed the candidate and qualified their technical strengths, achievements to date, and interpersonal / communication skills. We will also have gained 2 verbal or written references from the potential candidates 2 previous line managers before organising an interview.

Back Office

We pay our contractors online and offer monthly payments.

We can also accommodate margin only placements if you are a MSP or similar.

We have strict compliance procedures which are adhered to before presenting you with a potential candidate.